Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions described below are considered valid for all our direct or indirect (through distributors) services supplied online, via email or by telephone. Access to our website or its contents, their consultation or use, and/or the making of a booking, constitutes integral acceptance of the terms and conditions described hereunder (including the Privacy Policy Code). 

The contents of these pages, their setup and the online hotel booking service provided through this website, are the property of Vivafirenze.it, and are granted and managed for your personal use only and not for commercial purposes, governed by the terms and conditions described hereunder. We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without the prior notice.

1. Purpose of the service 

Through this website, we at Vivafirenze.it of LIFE BEYOND TOURISM S.r.l, together with our associates (distribution), provide an online programme enabling hotels to advertise their rooms for booking, and visitors to the site to make reservations. By making a booking through Vivafirenze.it, you will activate a direct contractual relationship (legally binding) with the hotel where you make your reservation. After you have booked, we will only act as intermediaries between yourselves and the hotel by transmitting the booking details to the hotel and sending you an email of confirmation on behalf of the hotel.

In supplying our services, we disseminate the data provided by the hotels. It is therefore possible for all hotels to access an extranet network where they are fully responsible for everything concerning price adjustments, availability and all the other information displayed on our website. While all our services are painstakingly designed, we cannot guarantee that the information published is free of inaccuracies or mistakes (graphic and orthographical), nor can we respond or be held liable for any errors or interruptions to the service, even when deriving from momentary failures, repairs or maintenance to the website.

Each hotel is responsible for the information (descriptive), including the prices and availability displayed on our website. Our services are available for personal only, not commercial use. This means that it is not permitted to copy, reproduce, change, resell, use, monitor, view, or download any of the contents or information, software, products or services available on our website for commercial or competitive purposes.


2. Prices 

The prices advertised on the website Vivafirenze.it are understood as covering your entire stay and include taxes (VAT), unless otherwise indicated on the website or the email confirmation.

At times you may find cheaper rates on the website offered by the hotel for a specific period. Since these rates could imply limitations or special conditions, please carefully read these conditions before making your reservation.


3. Privacy 

VIVAFIRENZE.IT guarantees the maximum level of protection of your privacy: we will never communicate your personal data to third parties without your consent except for communications necessary for satisfying your requests or required by Italian law. More specifically, the following information will be transmitted to the hotel selected by you on our website: your name, email address, credit card details and any other information you supply in order to conclude the requested reservations.

To enable you to avail of the best possible service, the contact information you provide will also be used for customer service activities, surveys and investigations regarding the level of customer satisfaction and the quality of the service; it may also be used to inform you of offers relating to similar services to those requested and purchased on Vivafirenze.it. For further information please consult the privacy policy statement. 


4. Free service 

The service we offer is free of charge. We do not add any extra costs to the room rates for the service offered and/or the booking. We do no charge anything to your credit card because you pay the hotel directly during your stay.


5. Credit cards

In order to secure your reservation, the hotels will ask for your credit card details. For this reason we will send your credit card details directly to the hotel where you have made your reservation so that they can check their validity (by requesting pre-authorisation). Throughout the entire booking process the information regarding your credit card will be protected and encrypted with the “Secure Socket Layer” (SSL) technology.

Some special offers and rates (non-refundable) must be charged to your credit card at the time of making the booking and confirming. Please carefully read these conditions before making your reservation.


6. Cancellation

The general cancellation and no-show terms of each hotel will be displayed on the hotel information page of our website during the booking process and also on the email confirmation. Upon booking a hotel, you accept and confirm the cancellation and no-show terms and any other regulations or clauses applied to your booking or your stay, including the services and/or products proposed by the hotel (the regulations and terms of each hotel can be found on the pertinent hotel’s information pages and/or during the booking process). 

Some particularly advantageous special rates or offers may not permit cancellations or changes to the booking. Please carefully read these conditions before making your reservation.

To check or cancel bookings, access your confirmation email and follow the instructions contained therein. The hotel may charge a penalty in accordance with its own cancellation and no-show regulations. Please carefully read the cancellation and no-show regulations before making your reservation.

7. Changing Reservations   

Reservations cannot be changed but only cancelled within the time limits indicated in the cancellation terms. If necessary, it is possible to cancel your reservation and then make another one.


8. Hold-harmless clause

Subject to the prerequisites and limits established by these terms and conditions, we can only be held liable for direct and immediate damage actually borne, paid for, or incurred, deriving from non-fulfilment of our obligations regarding the services we should have supplied. Refunds are only possible up to a sum equal to the total cost of your reservation as indicated in the confirmation email (either for a single or a series of connected circumstances).

However, neither our company nor any of our operators, managers, employees, representatives, branches, affiliated companies or partners (distribution), licensees, agents or other third parties involved in the construction, sponsoring or dissemination of the website and its contents, can be held liable for any of the following circumstances: remittances or punitive, special, indirect or consequential damages deriving from any business, profit, earnings or contract losses; damage to the reputation or image; loss of entitlement; insufficient descriptive hotel data (relating to rates, availability and classification) offered on our website; poor quality services supplied or products proposed by the hotel; damages (direct, indirect, consequential or punitive);  remittances or costs borne, paid for, or incurred due to the unsuitability of use or impediment of our website, and deriving from or connected to said use;  injury (personal), death, damage to property or any other damages  (direct, indirect, consequential or punitive);  losses or costs borne, paid for or incurred due to actions (legal), errors, violations, offenses (serious), voluntary mismanagement, omissions, negligence, false declarations, civil or objective liability for wrongful acts ascribable (in part or in full) to the hotel (its employees, directors, managers, agents, representatives, or affiliated companies) including cancellations (partial), overbooking, strikes, force majeure or any other events beyond our control.


9. Miscellaneous 

Unless otherwise specified, the software useful for providing our services, proposed or used by our website, and the copyright of the data, information and material contained on our website are the property of VIVAFIRENZE.IT, its suppliers or providers.

The terms and conditions described herein, as well as the supply of our services, will be governed by and construed in compliance with Italian law. Any disputes of any kind whatsoever arising from these general terms and conditions or from our services will be settled by the competent Court of Florence (Italy).

The original text of these “Terms and Conditions” is in the Italian language and any translations into other languages made available to the user are unofficial and only provided for illustrative purposes and consequently lacking in any legal value.

In case of any inconsistencies or discrepancies between the Italian text and the versions of the Terms and Conditions in other languages, the Italian text shall prevail and shall be the official version. The Italian text is available on our website (by selecting the Italian language) or it will be forwarded upon written request.

The non-applicability/inefficacy of any of the clauses in this document due to regulatory amendments or special contexts shall not invalidate the rest of the clauses that shall remain binding. In this case, the invalid clause may be replaced with an alternative text, which you hereby agree to accept in observance of the contents and purposes of these “Terms and Conditions”.


10. About Vivafirenze.it

All our services are supplied by LIFE BEYOND TOURISM S.r.l, a stockholding company governed by Italian law with its registered office in Via Umberto Maddalena 32 rosso - 50127 Florence (FI) Italy.