Vivafirenze.it has established a close cooperation with the Coordinator for the World Heritage Centre of Florence  Historic Centre in order to define communication plans in support of the enhancement of the lesser known and visited sites of our city. One of the objectives for 2012 is to create interactive and dynamic tools to foster more awareness and interactive visits by travelers. 

Already functioning on the portal is an interactive city tour dedicated to  Giambologna's Florence. Other projects of this type will be activated during the year.

"Vivafirenze.it  is a means of support for Florence visitors interested in a quality experience and understanding of the values of Cultural Dialogued linked to our internationally recognized cultural heritage. All who arein charge of protecting, preserving and enhancing our countries unique and unreplacable Cultural Heritage should support this initiative.” Carlo Francini Referente Centro Storico Patrimonio Mondiale Unesco del Comune di Firenze

The Historic Centre of Florence, enclosed by a circle of avenues traced over the old medieval city walls, was inscribed in the World Heritage List in 1982 during the sixth session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee according to the following motivations defined by ICOMOS:

"A unique artistic realization, a chef-d'oevre absolute, the fruit of a continuous creation over more than six centuries' (Criterion I), able to exert 'a predominate influence on the development of architecture and the monumental arts - first in Italy, and then throughout Europe' (Criterion II), the Historic Centre of Florence has preserved 'entire streets, fortified palaces (...), loggie, fountains, a marvellous bridge of the 14th century' (Criterion III), attaining 'economic and political power in Europe from the 14th to the 17th century' (Criterion IV), and is associated with 'events of a universal importance. It was in the milieu of the Neo-platonic Academia that the concept of the Renaissance was forged' (Criterion VI)"

The obligation to conserve and develop the immeasurable heritage of the city has led to the creation of an appointed institution within the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Florence, the Historic Centre Bureau - UNESCO World Heritage, as well as to the formulation and implementation of a Management Plan. More on http://unesco.comune.fi.it/

One of the goals is to create tools to facilitate a visit more conscious and active traveler, with instruments also interactive and dynamic. Here some examples: