Day by day, we are working hard to develop the project of and our mission in favor of the land and culture of Florence. We are strategists, creators, promoters and supporters of innovative and brilliant ideas and we believe that people who work with us are the main source of inspiration to grow up. To expand our team we are looking for dynamic and resourceful people, that will be able to give their best and eager to grow. If you want to participate please do not hesitate to contact us!

Send your application with CV to and insert your skills for the position you are interested.

Open jobs:

  1. Junior account manager *
  2. Internship

*Junior account manager: the main function is to identify and contractualize hotels in Florence area in order to increase the offer on the web site. Consequently he/she will be responsible for managing relations with affiliated hotels and to collaborate with other departments to promote the portal in the tourism industry by creating specific materials and opportunities for presentation.

Annually working experience in the field of tourism and a business, management or related fields degree are considered preferential titles.