Our history

Vivafirenze.it is the booking portal in Florence and surroundings which supports the territory and the culture in Florence. It was founded in 2011 as pilot project of the Life Beyond Tourism® pilosophy. Vivafirenze.it is the practice version of these ethos because it is proposed as an economic engine that can enhance and stimulate the use of the cultural and historical heritage through a model of non-profit company.

The stages of our developmen

We presented for the first time to the public of the BTO-Buy Tourism Online in Florence in December 2011 and we told our developments with a special panel in the edition of 2012. 

In May 2013 Vivafirenze.it becomes the promoter site of the "beyondtourism.net" system, a network of websites for booking hotels in various destinations around the world who share the mission and the nonprofit business model of Vivafirenze.it. 

On June 6th 2014 the first Viva Day was held at Auditorium al Duomo in Florence, during which the contributions were delivered to the Angels of Beauty Foundation, in order to buy paints and materials to remove the inscriptions and graffiti from buildings, and to the project 'Florence for good' to provide volunteers with tablets to improve communication with travelers. During the Viva Day we also selected the 4 new projects that will be supported until June 2015 thanks to a competition which was attended by 32 organizations and institutions of the Florentine area with a final vote of the audience of our hotel partners. 

On November 2014 Vivafirenze.it is the recommended booking portal, partner and pride sponsor of the General Assembly of ICOMOS in Florence and of the 'Salone dell'arte e del restauro'.

Towards Beyondtourism.net 

Vivafirenze.it is a pilot project, a network that promotes hotel booking portals managed through our innovative model of non-profit company.The BeyondTourism.net is a growing networkof hotel booking and touristic services sites managed to promote the diversityof the cultural expressions, and to support the sustainable development of aterritory according to the Life Beyond Tourism® philosophy. 

Life Beyond Tourism®

Vivafirenze.it is the leadingproject of the Life Beyond Tourism® philosophy presented by the FondazioneRomualdo Del Bianco® in Quebec during the XVI ICOMOS General Assembly in 2008 and later approved with the signature of the Memorandum Of Understanding between ICOMOS and the Foundation on the 3rd of March 2008. One of the primary objectives of Life Beyond Tourism is to promote a more conscious way of travelling to be able to receive and give more from the territory you visit for a tourism based on values, and not just on consumer services.