Company profile


The Life Beyond Tourism Srl was born in Florence to improve the quality of the experience of the trip making it sustainable, conscious and participatory.

COMPANY PROFILE is the first non-profit booking portal for hotels in Florence and its sorrounding and proposes an innovative model of sustainable tourism that connects the traveler, tourist operators and the heritage of the territory. By booking in one of the structures of the traveler can contribute to conservation projects and development of the area and of the culture of Florence, UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The traveler books his room for free with direct payment at the hotel, after the stay. What differentiates is the direct relationship between each booking made and the financing of projects in support of the heritage of Florence, at no extra cost to our guests.


To offer to guests in Florence a booking service that supports the cultural heritage of the Florentine territory. To develop a model of non-profit company oriented to sustainable development, which should be replicabled in other destinations around the world under the Life Beyond Tourism®.