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3 piazze per Firenze per bene

  • Raised: € 652.66
  • Status: 33%
  • Goal: € 2000

The Fondazione Angeli del Bello was established in September 2010 to realize projects and activities in support of urban cleanliness and to endorse the beauty of Florence. More than 1,500 volunteers work daily to care for green areas and public spaces and to remove graffiti. The volunteers are Italian and foreign students from schools and universities, old and young people and aficionados.

The Foundation has received the first part of financial support by as a contribution for the purchase of paints and useful materials to remove graffiti and to restore the walls of the buildings in the historic center of Florence. 

The new project: 3 squares to Florence for good 

The project aims to intervene in some busy and in-need-of care locations in the historic center of Florence. The volunteers would like to remove illegal billpostings and graffiti, to clean the area and to contribute to a better quality of life in Piazzetta dei Tre RePiazza San Paolino and the ‘Loggia del pesce’.

Florence is a unesco world heritage site
A treasure for present and future generations to preserve & enjoy.

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Raised: € 670.42
Status: 34%
Goal: € 2000
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Raised: € 674.12
Status: 34%
Goal: € 2000


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Un turismo sostenibile, che guarda al territorio come qualcosa da scoprire e preservare, è quello che occorre perseguire, è uno strumento che serve anche a questo.

Stefano Ciuoffo, Assessore alle Attività Produttive e Turismo della Regione Toscana con il Ministro Dario Franceschini e Stefano Targetti represents a mean to support Florence for visitors interested in a quality experience that helps sustain the cultural heritage of the Florentine territory.

Mr. Carlo Francini | Director Unesco office - Municipality of Florence.
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