The Medicean Aqueduct of Pisa and its territory

Project for the recovery and enhancement of the Medicean Aqueduct and environmental requalification of adjacent areas
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The Project
Project for the recovery and enhancement of the Medicean Aqueduct - commissioned by Cosimo I de 'Medici to supply the city of Pisa with the water of Monte Pisano, currently in an advanced state of degradation - with an environmental requalification of the neighboring areas, thanks to the technical contribution of a group of designers coordinated by the architect Massimo Gasperini and assisted by the Association in question.

The project in particular intends to develop the theme of the "Environmental Park of the Medicean Aqueduct", able to link towns to the countryside through the Aqueduct through the theme of green, creating a context of sports activities immersed in an archaeological and environmental park dotted with from small service areas, refreshment points, receptive activities aimed at favoring the economy of the area. This recovery can become the leading episode of a non-occasional and profound rediscovery of the countryside and the Pisan landscape.


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Mr. Carlo Francini | Director Unesco office - Municipality of Florence.

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