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Mapping and valorization of 12 sites of historical and artisic sites of the city of Florence
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The Project

The Cultural Association Akropolis was created in Florence in 1999 to promote and enhance the heritage of Florence, by organizing specific history lessons. Over 1000 monuments of Florence were visited in recent years by about 200 members under the guidance of architects, art historians, archaeologists, tour guides and tour leaders with two or three visits a week. The association collaborates with public administrations and private entities for the development of courses and seminars and produces specific educational tours for students of all ages. Within the Association bibliographic searches are held  and publications are also produced.

Project: The other Florence - Twelve places to learn and discover 

The project includes mapping of and visits to small sites  in the city. They are so-called "minor"  places with historical and artistic interest and have particular significance in Florence. They are worthy, for their history, of being valued, known, rediscovered or sometimes saved. 

Twelve places have been identified: 

  • Pharmacy of the Dominican convent of San Marco
  • Oratory of Saint Thomas
  • Church of St.Monaca,
  • Basilica of Saints Apostles
  • Church of St. Christopher
  • Church of Saint Lucia alla Castellina,
  • Crucifixion by Perugino, 
  • Villa Il Pozzino
  • Tower of Castagna
  • Palazzo Galli Tassi
  • the ruins of Decumana ancient port ,
  • Conservatory of Mantellate

Each location will be mapped with archival and historical-artistic research and a short monograph will be produced  and a public visit/lecture will be organized. 

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